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LiveJournal Las Vegas Bash!'s Journal

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
4:24 pm

had the best time in my life ever.

finally caught back up with florida time. i think. but home. safe. and looking like Ivan isn't going to hit us after all.

got a gazillion pics to go through :)

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12:43 pm

More Vegas Photos here...

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12:29 pm

I should probably do this from home rather than sneak-posting at work, because I KNOW I'll forget something...

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to jloopy for putting this shindig together. I'm sure she had helpers, but for the life I don't know who they are...

While r3v0lt and I were kind of just sitting back and watching everything, we did have a great time meeting everyone. Somehow, I kept missing my opportunity to introduce myself to ladyfire and I'm sorry about that.

But meeting everyone else was great and I would definitely welcome any of you back to Las Vegas to visit. Hope you all had a great getaway weekend!

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8:32 am

WoW! What a trip... It was incredible to see all of you... I can and do have 'Vegas' any ol time... but being able to spend time with old and new friends is everything to me...

Listing names of people that made the weekend for me is like giving your thank you speach at a nationally broadcast award show... inevitably, I will forget to mention someone ;)... That's ok, cause you all made the weekend great!

I apologize to anyone I may have licked on, slept on, spilled on, climbed on, passed out on, slurred on, or otherwise generally annoyed :)...

Now that this event is passed, it's time for me to focus fully on...

THE 5th Annual Harris Hot House Chili Cook-Off & Guac-A-Thon!!!

It's coming up October 9th, you are all welcome to come join us, spend the weekend with friends, chili and of course your ol friend tequila :)

'J with an I'

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9:49 am - Super fabulous weekend!

I had so much fun this weekend! I hope everyone else did as well!
No drama, met some fun people, drank more alcohol than I've done since I was 18, danced my ass off (and have lovely blisters from my cute and impractical shoes to prove it) and made lots of new friends!

I didn't bother taking a camera, I had psychomagnet and hilts as roomies and I'll just bogart theirs. I did take a couple with my phone and some video apparently while I was drunk. heehee

I love Vegas, I think I want to go back next month.

current mood: awake

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9:49 am

  • Despite the fact that it looks like I am always eating, I am not
  • If you wish hard enough, people from LJ will drop French fries on your plate
  • I can eat an awful lot in a short amount of time
  •  Jenn would have made a fantastic roomie
  • If you wander around a hotel lobby at 8am, you will run into someone you know.
  • I can get ready to go out very quickly
  • Although I appreciate DARK CURTAAAAAAINS, they are useless in Vegas
  • I can pee for a very long time
  • If you put a princess tiara on and skip through a casino, people WILL bow to you if asked
  • Dancing on a curb is a bad idea
  • I can drink myself sober
  • Sleep is over rated
  • Risquewritings is a good burp, she has longevity. I have depth and structure
  • wearing a low cut dress around Live Journalers is not a bad idea but not the best idea
  • Ivan doesn’t like smooooking
  • “don’t do that, its not nice”
  • Jen and Robont rock
  • Catherine is teeny tiny
  • I do not need sleep at all
  • 36 hours in Vegas is enough
  • I get jealous when everyone else has a beer and I do not.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts are the nectar of the gods (we don’t have those here)
  • If I stayed in Vegas another day, I would probably be on life support
  • Princess Ladyfire has 4 winds. When she gets to the 3rd, she will gamble until it is all gone

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
9:28 pm

What Happens in Vegas... Stays in LJ!!!
10:45 pm - dial up beware

vegas picturesCollapse )

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10:10 pm

Home.. tired.... really glad we went :D

Update soon... ;)

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10:02 pm - Princess Ladyfire

OMG i am here... in NH and I had SO much fun in Vegas.
For those of you whom I did not have a chance to say goodbye to... love you...

will post pictures in a sec.

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6:29 pm - picture time

you can find photos that i took friday & saturday night here or just go to www.vegaslivejournalbash.com and look for the photo album link

i admit it -- i am absolutely horrible with names so i do not have all the pictures labeled -- and i may even have some of the names wrong -- so, if you can help me fill in the missing info or tell me if i am calling someone by the wrong name, it would be much appreciated

if anyone else has pics that they would like posted/hosted on the site, let me know -- i probably have room for quite a few more -- just send them along in an email -- if you need the address, let me know

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Saturday, September 11th, 2004
8:32 pm

So like we are here an'stuff. Jocelyn, you are not here though, I'm sad, very very sad.

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8:18 am - Tonight!

In case you missed it... We are all meeting at Peppermill's at 8pm...

Peppermill's Fireside Lounge
2985 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 735-7635

It's right next to the big Wynn casino construction and across from the Startdust...

In case you walk in and don't recognize anyone, look for a scene similar to this...


I'll be the slurring bald brown dude ;)

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2:30 am - Left out!

So far, things haven't worked out well for my attending. I got there by 1am, called Robont's cell#. No answer so I left a message to call me with where they are.

Went to Nefertiti's lounge; lots of people but nobody I recognize.
No name tags, no signs and no LJ t-shirts. I wait for a bit, check the cellphone; no reception in the basement of a pryamid. So I go back to the car and call again. No answer.

I Say I'm heading home to check the journal and see if there's any posts. I get home and see 2 posts by Rob... 1 while I was down there- he was in his room. In the 2 pictures he posted, there are no nametags, signs or LJ shirts

I could possibly have spotted Rob if he hasn't changed much from his ADULT icon pics. But he wasn't down there at the time.

I didn't see Catherine; I would recognize her , clothes or otherwise.

I might have known Jajamba; she never called me to drop off the passes.

Didn't see Jennfromtex.

And I wouldn't know anyone else there tonight; kinda why I went in the firstplace .... to meet new people.

The reason I put my cell number ON THE COMMUNITY was so someone could CALL ME.

So now I sit at home, 2:45am... should I run back there to hope they are still down there?


No clue where to meet until 8pm tomorrow night. that kinda blows the idea of taking Jen to dinner.

And I'm killing my job for this.

I could really use some assistance here, folks.

And if there IS a nexttime, I think I will RUN the bash; kinda fix some of these little problems.

current mood: very depressed.

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Friday, September 10th, 2004
12:58 pm

I'm here now! Hit me up when you get in!


I'm staying @ the Monte Carlo

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1:53 pm


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11:58 am

This is the LONGEST FRICKEN DAY AT WORK EVER! And, I have been SWAMPED at work!! I will be SO ready for about a drink or 12 when I get there!!!!!! How many exclamation points can I use?!?!?!?!? HA!

current mood: crazy

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10:01 am - Ok - I know I'm not going, but...

I've been up in the Vegas nightscene several times. She is right - RA does suck ass.

Light is a blast, but the line is ridiculous. Unless you get there really early, they start picking out only the hot girls to get in.

Rain at Palms is a good time and the bouncers are really cool. You won't get into the Ghost Bar unless you are staying at Palms or a personal friend of the Maloofs, so forget it.

HardRock gives good nightlife. The pool scene at Hardrock definitely the best, then I would say the Skin bar at Palms is next best.

RumJungle and RedSquare are fun in a kitschy sort of way.

Studio 54 is very cool, but beware of the VIP area. You get a VIP bar, but no VIP bathroom. You have to slum it with the 20 year-old cokeheads like everyone else.

Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay always has a celebrity or two or more lounging about. It is members only though so the hook up would be a local or a highroller.

But don't forget the places off the strip, best known by locals and can be equally fun if not better due to the lack of snarky attitudes and $12 rail drinks.

Have fun y'all - I'll be thinking about you!

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8:42 am

ok in case I don't get the Luxor lounge early enough to speak out
it's like a "high school auditorium" the dj sucked ass when we were there
and there are much better places to go
I know many of you are staying in the Luxor and will get free passes to go there
fine go enjoy your pass, get a drink or two and then go somewhere fun

Light, Studio 54, RumJungle
PLEASE PEOPLE in case you didn't read it before I think RA SUCKS ASS.

my vote is in
imagine a short blonde girl in sequins jumping up and down screaming at you NO NO don't go in there!
(just in case plane is delayed or what have you)

see ya' all tonight

current mood: excited

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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
8:43 pm - "And Leave The Driving To Us!"
scax_e_one After much hemming and hawing over whether or not I'd be attending this Vegas gig, I've concluded that Greyhound made me an offer I couldn't refuse: $39.00 ROUND TRIP from San Bernardino, booked on the Internet.

Oh, so you say that traveling to/from Vegas by bus is not exactly the most glamorous way to get around? Yeah, I know. My Lear Jet is in for repairs.

Also, I'll have you know that in the old TV series THE FUGITIVE, David Janssen's character, Dr. Richard Kimble, used to travel by Greyhound quite frequently. If it's good enough for Doc Kimble, it's good enough for me. Besides, I don't think I could have driven it for that price and I'll save wear and tear on my car. Plus, I'll get to sleep both directions, which may come in handy on the return leg, depending on how hungover I am. I-15 can be bumper-to-bumper and I'll just ask to be awakened when we get there.

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people on inter-city buses. Maybe on the return leg, there will be some sweet, innocent little cutie-pie who's moving from small-town-Iowa on her way to make it big in Hollywood. She might need me to give her a tip or two on living in L.A. She might need an agent.

So, unless something weird happens, I'll be arriving at 17:10 hours on Saturday and leaving at 18:15 hours on Sunday. Within that time frame, what activities are on the agenda besides the rendezvous at the PEPPERMILL restaurant?

Anyone interested in going to some comedy shows?


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