Martin E. Thomas (dr_martin) wrote in ljvegasbash,
Martin E. Thomas

Tell me 'bout VEGAS (x-posted)

I guess the days of the cheap Vegas weekend are long gone. I’ve planned a 3-day bachelor/ bachelorette party trip for me and a couple friends for the last weekend in July and just my portion of the hotel+airfare is already costing about what I was hoping to spend on the whole thing. Now I have a month to scramble to have money for food, cabs, clubs and attractions. I’ll have to do everything in moderation, which is the exact opposite of the reason for going to Vegas in the first place.

I’ll be traveling with a guy and a girl-all of us in our mid/late 30’s and we’re staying at the Flamingo on the Strip.
The plan is to hit the Olympic Garden on Friday night; club hopping Saturday night and checking out attractions all day Sunday, with plenty of gambling and swimming in between. And I’m hoping to catch a cheap comedy show, maybe at the Riviera. Maybe the Star Trek ride.

…But none of this is set in stone. What suggestions and/or secrets can you Vegas veterans and natives offer me for maximizing my money and having the wildest time possible?

I know you know.
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