So dang foolish (ackies) wrote in ljvegasbash,
So dang foolish

I need advice:(

See, I really wasn't that shy, I was just traumatized after being assaulted by the ice cream man...

very crazy dude.

Okay, I need some advice on what to do.  When I went to check out of the Luxor last night I got a bill for over $1,500.  I've heard stories about how hotels rip you off with phone charges, but like a dumbass I didn't think it was going to be that bad and used the phone in my room a few times.  I ended up with over $800 in phone charges! There were some calls where I was charged $11 for less than one minute! I got them to refund me for those calls.  I got a refund of $184 back on those.  I still have a phone bill of $650.  Some of it is dumb bs, like $14 for a minute or two.  I don't know how to handle this.  Do I call them and bitch at them some more and let them know that I am only willing to pay about a quarter of that (which if you saw the calls that I placed you would realize it is reasonable), or do I go to my credit card company and refuse the charges? I can't believe I did something so stupid like us the hotel phone.  I knew it would be a lot.  I just didn't realize it was going to be that much! Is there any legal way to get out of having to pay so much?
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Contact the hotel, complain some more.
Keep it up, they should drop it some more.
$14/minute is crazy!!!

I avoided this whole mess when I was in Vegas in February by saying that I did not want the phone turned on in the room. I could get incoming calls, but couldn't dial out. I also bought a calling card, and used that, and my cell phone. I only paid $30 for three nights. And that was fine with me!!

That's what I did. I went to the lobby and used the pay phone with my calling card. I only dialed room-to-room. I had no phone charges.
With my cell phone, I make sure Vegas is within my I use my cell phone all the time. The first time I went and didnt have my cell phone, I bought calling cards and used the lobby phone. I never turn on my phone in my room..I know it was like a $100 deposit back in 98'.

Just like that surcharge at the hotels for ele/water...Riviera Hotel told us it was like $7 a night...and then after a week, when we checked out..they didnt charge us the surcharge..go figure! (it wasnt paid ahead of time either..cause I bought a package deal)
Yeah, I wasn't charged that surcharge either, and the phone fee was like $150, which I was like, I wasn't told about when I booked the room. So I got out of it. I bought a phone card, and used that, and I could receive calls, but just could not dial out, which was not a problem for me. I just wanted to use the web, but without the phone on, you can't do it. Big deal, I just said forget it.
hmm, that is just nuts, although the dude at the reception warned me that international calls are like $22 per minute, guess he figured I'm some foreigner or something
When did this start happening? I don't remember hotel phone charges being that high. Is it just Las Vegas?
Problem is there will be a book in the room telling about how much the phone charges are for any use.. Nothing you can really do but complain and home someone is tired enough not to tell you "tough" and just clear them off to make you go away..

Its a shitty deal.. but thats how hotels are..
I honestly don't remember the book listing the prices for long distance calls though. I just remember the listing of a dollar for toll free calls and local calls. I could be wrong, but I hope not because then I might have a chance to fix this.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease..
Call.. sooner than later.. even at night.. Since usually the night people handle shit differently than the day folks.. Don't be nasty to them personally.. Just complain in generalities.. and if they can't help you.. make sure they tell you they will have a manager return your call in the morning if one isn't available that night.. Usually in the interest of customer service if an employee tells you no.. a manager will say yes..

But a recommendation.. Stay off the phone in your room.. or find out exactly the charges.. We charge 10cents extra a minute for ld calls at the hotel I work at.. but local calls are free.. Good luck
Once upon a time, long, long ago, hotels and phone companies were regulated --- AND FOR GOOD REASON!!

I used to work front desk at a very large, popular hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. We got TONS of complaints about the phone bills. Sometimes they were waived, sometimes they weren't. Mostly they weren't. The guest book in your room does have a list of phone charges. But usually for long distance calls, unless there is a flat rate, it will say access fee + AT&T (or whatever phone company) operator assisted day rate. And that's where they get you. First of all, they charge you an access fee regardless of whether or not you get through on the call and that's anywhere from $8 - $11. Basically, it's a charge to DIAL the phone. Secondly, the per minute fee is always different. It's based on the time of day you call and where you call. Basically, the hotel feels that if you need to make a phone call bad enough, then it's your responsibilty to find out how much the charges are going to be by calling the operator. Hotels aren't really leaniant on this subject. You can call and complain and what not, but the results are based on the manager you get, the mood they're in, and/or how many complaints they've had about the same matter. Chances are, if they're anything like the hotel I used to work at, they log on your reservation anytime you call to commplain about something. I hope things work out for you. Good Luck!
thanks for your info. I spoke with someone from the Luxor a couple of days. They told me that they'd remove the calls less than 30 seconds and 50% off of all the other calls, which they used pay for their operators and whatnot. That still leaves a big phone bill, but at least it is a lot better.