Hugh Janis (pucks) wrote in ljvegasbash,
Hugh Janis

Short Vegas post

Yeah I know I am late...

I have to say anytime I go Home to Vegas I am happy...coming home after being deployed for nearly 18 months made it better and getting to hang with all the LJ people made my homecoming the best. ohmyhead fiolore nbbmom chiabrit zorra psychomagnet behindtheview jenont robont horsepucky justj jenfromtx zorra Did I mention her twice? Yeah she was kinda hot! I could live in St Louie...Well let's see what I remember: Nice Convertable...ohmyhead always fun (we need to hang out more), Mom calling me 10x to make sure I would see her too, My brother bailing on me for a date (hope he got laid), lots of alcohol, lots of gambling, Intorducing Krispy Kream to the the Masses, old friends new friends, Vegas women are easy, Sharing my favorite Italian Resturant in others missed out!, more alcohol, lost cameras, lost self mojo, found mojo, Tour guiding, meeting someones adorable yet taken sister (Damnit!) Did I miss anything or anyone? Let me know I had a ball. It is so nice to be home and get to see some good friends...Love ya, mean it.
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