AndySoft (andysoft) wrote in ljvegasbash,

Better late than never with them pictures

It was fun times. Too bad it was so short. Was real cool to meet some people I wanted to meet for a long time. In some cases, a REALLY long time. Sorry to those who I didn't have a chance to mingle with, but there is always next time :)

Let's see them pictures, as always dial-up folks might need to take that smoke break after clicking on the cut.

Look it says right here that I will stay in this room one day.

I think I'm gonna make myself one of these

Stone on da wall, was there a story there? :)

This is what I saw if I looked outside

...or this (ShakyCam™)

Finally met Nate, only took us like what, 4 years?

Whoa dude, and I didn't even drink anything yet

nbbmom & petermarcus


Never realized how fucking big the Luxor inside is

So much space, you can jump down, surprised people don't do suicide attemps in there

Imax theater and all kinda other goodness

Walkway to Mandalay Bay

My friend, Dave, and moi

She giggles "So sexy..."

My new icon :)

Rob's got the girls, damn him

Party people

flirtini and some dude

Damn, we are hot, haha

iamjosh, horsepucky and robont

More ShakyCam™, there is a justj hidden with other LJers in that picture :)

To be honest, I didn't wanna know

Did we mention yet that Lisa is hawt?

Since I saw people complaining about a camera obstructing the view into that cleavage I went back in time "Butterfly Effect" style and snapped one from a different angle

HEY!!! Over here!

There you are, Dave still not listening

Good times, good times

"Act like you hate stuff"

"I'll poke your eyes out beetch" :)

The other table, sorry guys that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye

The party crowd

Mmmmm, MILF, tons of those at this gathering, not that I mind :)

Every time I look at this one I hear "what good is a phonecall if you cannot speak Mr. Anderson?"

Meet the ChiaGiraffe and jenont

We just keep smiling

Rawr :)

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