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I think what can be said HAS been said about this weekend

I just want to thank all of you for this past weekend.

I headed out to Vegas so nervous and unknowing of what to expect. That lasted all of about 15 minutes. To anyone I might have annoyed with my instantaneous bursting out in song or my uncontrollable urge to be a chatter box, many apologies. But, because of you, I experienced this:

I haven't smiled like that in ages. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
When's the next bash? I miss y'all already!! In case you haven't seen the rest of my pictures, I posted them on RobOnt. I really do feel like I made some great friends this weekend. I also made some unforgettable memories that wouldn't be given the proper justice if I tried to recap them here. Keep up your posts about the weekend! I LOVE reading about them. Take care!

(ohmyhead so graciously took that picture of me...thanks, hun!)
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