Pinch me, this can't be real... (ladyfire) wrote in ljvegasbash,
Pinch me, this can't be real...

Everyone has these fabulous recaps and I dont think I can do that today lol. I am just so tired. I will just try...

I suck at names and I suck at who was there and who wasnt because for the most part I would say that I just met most of you for the first time. Meaning, I didnt even have you on my friends list before this.

I was super happy that you guys waited for me to arrive before dispersing on Friday night. I showed up like the Princess that I made myself, late and enjoyed the paparazzi flashbulbs. I had to give myself a quick deoderant check and brush the toothies though and when I came back, alot were gonzo. House of Blues was excellent and I snarked down a crapload of food (mine and other's food) and took time to get to know jennfromtx who i think is turning into my scarecrow... Listening to nbbmom 's sultry loss of voice... Hugging on jenont who seemed so happy to meet me which made me feel really happy. listening to everyone and snarking down enough beer to catch up made me tired so the buddy system began and I dragged jennfromtx to the tables so I could lose 20 bucks. Zeee dark CURTAAAINS called her though and I sat there until the 20 that i turned into 120 was gone and attempted to make it back to the room, stumbling drunk, that I had not seen but for 4 minutes. Passed out about 3am vegas making it a full 24 hours of sleeplessness.

Woke up WAY too early and was afraid to wake anyone so I showered, dressed and wandered around the Luxor for a couple hours, made a phone call, had OJ with petermarcus and behindtheview before parting and then went to the pool. This is where I mysteriously disappeared to. Apparently, the sun and the lack of extra oxygen makes you sleep. Power nap. Called robont whom i had NO CHANCE to hang with at this point and was informed that I had 45 minutes to shower and meet everyone for a trip to the NY NY.

Did that but opted to drink myself silly instead of rollercoaster and this is where I found my inner princess...

oh yeah, so glad that nobody with a video camera got me running down the moving walkways asking LA gangbangers to bow to me... (no horsepucky I did not forget the hearty slap on the ass, I will remember that forever, or for a week or so until the bruises heal). Burp alot, yes I do. eat alot, yup that too...

Gambled more with josh and jenn and was told that in order to go play i had to abandon the crown (which I wore all through the gambling) did a quick change and headed out with jennfromtx and Josh to meet up with the crew.
OOOOH look who is over there... its inspectorjury!!! dive over people to tackle him and became his personal photographer. (this is only admitted if his pictures came out decently). Snuggled with andysoft and horsepucky and robont while talking to all the LJers that rotated along. I pretty much stayed in the same spot that entire night and drank and drank... what I want to know is... who do I owe for that bar tab... nobody would tell me!!!
Buddy system abandoned (sigh) I never got a chance to say bye to my some day roomate jennfromtx or anyone that went to the OPM place. Hung out and danced around with mah girls nbbmom and behindtheview which was caught on video (cough) and tried to show them the princess dance. The rest is rather blurry. 4am maybe? I know I woke up -$200 more bucks and with bag in hand stumbled into ohmyhead and nbbmom in the lobby. WHICH i was so happy about but rather glassy. CLearly still drunken. got to the airport where I was on the moving walkway and glanced over to zippyd BOWING to me like the gang bangers!! ha ha ha what a treat!!

Now it has been non-stop.
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