JenOnt (jenont) wrote in ljvegasbash,

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

I just want to say that I loved my trip to Vegas.

The best part of the night(s) for me was just hanging back at the meeting places and just seeing everyone there talking and getting to know one another.
I want to thank jloopyJ for taking care of things down there and to justj and risquewrittingsKris for Saturday night.

You know, its hard to try to remember back, even for only a couple of days, and try to give you a picture of the time we spent and what we did. It can't really be explained, it has to be experienced. Those that have come to these LJ get togethers know how it is.... try to give a day to day, minute by minute accounting of your time and you fall short. It just can't be done.

All I know is that I got to reconnect with those that I haven't seen in too long a time, meet some really kickass people, and experience another get together that I will treasure forever. 

As the story goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but will live forever in my heart.

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