September 13th, 2004

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WoW! What a trip... It was incredible to see all of you... I can and do have 'Vegas' any ol time... but being able to spend time with old and new friends is everything to me...

Listing names of people that made the weekend for me is like giving your thank you speach at a nationally broadcast award show... inevitably, I will forget to mention someone ;)... That's ok, cause you all made the weekend great!

I apologize to anyone I may have licked on, slept on, spilled on, climbed on, passed out on, slurred on, or otherwise generally annoyed :)...

Now that this event is passed, it's time for me to focus fully on...

THE 5th Annual Harris Hot House Chili Cook-Off & Guac-A-Thon!!!

It's coming up October 9th, you are all welcome to come join us, spend the weekend with friends, chili and of course your ol friend tequila :)

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Baby Noah

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  • Despite the fact that it looks like I am always eating, I am not
  • If you wish hard enough, people from LJ will drop French fries on your plate
  • I can eat an awful lot in a short amount of time
  •  Jenn would have made a fantastic roomie
  • If you wander around a hotel lobby at 8am, you will run into someone you know.
  • I can get ready to go out very quickly
  • Although I appreciate DARK CURTAAAAAAINS, they are useless in Vegas
  • I can pee for a very long time
  • If you put a princess tiara on and skip through a casino, people WILL bow to you if asked
  • Dancing on a curb is a bad idea
  • I can drink myself sober
  • Sleep is over rated
  • Risquewritings is a good burp, she has longevity. I have depth and structure
  • wearing a low cut dress around Live Journalers is not a bad idea but not the best idea
  • Ivan doesn’t like smooooking
  • “don’t do that, its not nice”
  • Jen and Robont rock
  • Catherine is teeny tiny
  • I do not need sleep at all
  • 36 hours in Vegas is enough
  • I get jealous when everyone else has a beer and I do not.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts are the nectar of the gods (we don’t have those here)
  • If I stayed in Vegas another day, I would probably be on life support
  • Princess Ladyfire has 4 winds. When she gets to the 3rd, she will gamble until it is all gone
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Super fabulous weekend!

I had so much fun this weekend! I hope everyone else did as well!
No drama, met some fun people, drank more alcohol than I've done since I was 18, danced my ass off (and have lovely blisters from my cute and impractical shoes to prove it) and made lots of new friends!

I didn't bother taking a camera, I had psychomagnet and hilts as roomies and I'll just bogart theirs. I did take a couple with my phone and some video apparently while I was drunk. heehee

I love Vegas, I think I want to go back next month.
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I should probably do this from home rather than sneak-posting at work, because I KNOW I'll forget something...

I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to jloopy for putting this shindig together. I'm sure she had helpers, but for the life I don't know who they are...

While r3v0lt and I were kind of just sitting back and watching everything, we did have a great time meeting everyone. Somehow, I kept missing my opportunity to introduce myself to ladyfire and I'm sorry about that.

But meeting everyone else was great and I would definitely welcome any of you back to Las Vegas to visit. Hope you all had a great getaway weekend!

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Wow. Vegas. Wow. I think it might be a little much for the uninitiated. Maybe it was just me. I dunno. It just seemed so overwhelming! Maybe we just tried to do too much in the three days we were there.

The LJ Bash portion of things, excellent. Good to meet so many of you! Here's to next time, eh?

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had the best time in my life ever.

finally caught back up with florida time. i think. but home. safe. and looking like Ivan isn't going to hit us after all.

got a gazillion pics to go through :)
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Viva Las Vegas Baby!

I just want to say that I loved my trip to Vegas.

The best part of the night(s) for me was just hanging back at the meeting places and just seeing everyone there talking and getting to know one another.
I want to thank jloopyJ for taking care of things down there and to justj and risquewrittingsKris for Saturday night.

You know, its hard to try to remember back, even for only a couple of days, and try to give you a picture of the time we spent and what we did. It can't really be explained, it has to be experienced. Those that have come to these LJ get togethers know how it is.... try to give a day to day, minute by minute accounting of your time and you fall short. It just can't be done.

All I know is that I got to reconnect with those that I haven't seen in too long a time, meet some really kickass people, and experience another get together that I will treasure forever. 

As the story goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but will live forever in my heart.

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Much posting in my personal journal about my misadventures in Vegas.

Just wanted to say what a sheer joy of a weekend it was for me. *smooches* to you all.
Vegas 2010-1

a few teaser pics

More evidence of the fun available if you're interested. Just check my journal.

hilts getting serenaded by Gordy at Battista's Hole In The Wall

zorra gettin freaky at rumjungle

hilts, psychomagnet and zippyd at Peppermill Lounge

Thanks for a great time, you guys. Unforgettable.
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Baby Noah

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Everyone has these fabulous recaps and I dont think I can do that today lol. I am just so tired. I will just try...

I suck at names and I suck at who was there and who wasnt because for the most part I would say that I just met most of you for the first time. Meaning, I didnt even have you on my friends list before this.

I was super happy that you guys waited for me to arrive before dispersing on Friday night. I showed up like the Princess that I made myself, late and enjoyed the paparazzi flashbulbs. I had to give myself a quick deoderant check and brush the toothies though and when I came back, alot were gonzo. House of Blues was excellent and I snarked down a crapload of food (mine and other's food) and took time to get to know jennfromtx who i think is turning into my scarecrow... Listening to nbbmom 's sultry loss of voice... Hugging on jenont who seemed so happy to meet me which made me feel really happy. listening to everyone and snarking down enough beer to catch up made me tired so the buddy system began and I dragged jennfromtx to the tables so I could lose 20 bucks. Zeee dark CURTAAAINS called her though and I sat there until the 20 that i turned into 120 was gone and attempted to make it back to the room, stumbling drunk, that I had not seen but for 4 minutes. Passed out about 3am vegas making it a full 24 hours of sleeplessness.

Woke up WAY too early and was afraid to wake anyone so I showered, dressed and wandered around the Luxor for a couple hours, made a phone call, had OJ with petermarcus and behindtheview before parting and then went to the pool. This is where I mysteriously disappeared to. Apparently, the sun and the lack of extra oxygen makes you sleep. Power nap. Called robont whom i had NO CHANCE to hang with at this point and was informed that I had 45 minutes to shower and meet everyone for a trip to the NY NY.

Did that but opted to drink myself silly instead of rollercoaster and this is where I found my inner princess...

oh yeah, so glad that nobody with a video camera got me running down the moving walkways asking LA gangbangers to bow to me... (no horsepucky I did not forget the hearty slap on the ass, I will remember that forever, or for a week or so until the bruises heal). Burp alot, yes I do. eat alot, yup that too...

Gambled more with josh and jenn and was told that in order to go play i had to abandon the crown (which I wore all through the gambling) did a quick change and headed out with jennfromtx and Josh to meet up with the crew.
OOOOH look who is over there... its inspectorjury!!! dive over people to tackle him and became his personal photographer. (this is only admitted if his pictures came out decently). Snuggled with andysoft and horsepucky and robont while talking to all the LJers that rotated along. I pretty much stayed in the same spot that entire night and drank and drank... what I want to know is... who do I owe for that bar tab... nobody would tell me!!!
Buddy system abandoned (sigh) I never got a chance to say bye to my some day roomate jennfromtx or anyone that went to the OPM place. Hung out and danced around with mah girls nbbmom and behindtheview which was caught on video (cough) and tried to show them the princess dance. The rest is rather blurry. 4am maybe? I know I woke up -$200 more bucks and with bag in hand stumbled into ohmyhead and nbbmom in the lobby. WHICH i was so happy about but rather glassy. CLearly still drunken. got to the airport where I was on the moving walkway and glanced over to zippyd BOWING to me like the gang bangers!! ha ha ha what a treat!!

Now it has been non-stop.

I think what can be said HAS been said about this weekend

I just want to thank all of you for this past weekend.

I headed out to Vegas so nervous and unknowing of what to expect. That lasted all of about 15 minutes. To anyone I might have annoyed with my instantaneous bursting out in song or my uncontrollable urge to be a chatter box, many apologies. But, because of you, I experienced this:

I haven't smiled like that in ages. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
When's the next bash? I miss y'all already!! In case you haven't seen the rest of my pictures, I posted them on RobOnt. I really do feel like I made some great friends this weekend. I also made some unforgettable memories that wouldn't be given the proper justice if I tried to recap them here. Keep up your posts about the weekend! I LOVE reading about them. Take care!

(ohmyhead so graciously took that picture of me...thanks, hun!)
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