This Friday and Saturday night

Through Expedia we bought the "Ultimate Bachelorette Party Pass" which give us VIP entrance to 15 different clubs (along with some free drinks). Probably not the most effecient use of $89 since I'm not much of a clubhopper (I prerfer to find a good place and setup camp- "a bird in the hand" and all...), but since we don't know the scene I was trying to keep our options wide open.

So, what suggestions might you have for clubs close that are good for drinking and dancing with people anywhere in the age range of mid 20's to late 30's?

Tell me 'bout VEGAS (x-posted)

I guess the days of the cheap Vegas weekend are long gone. I’ve planned a 3-day bachelor/ bachelorette party trip for me and a couple friends for the last weekend in July and just my portion of the hotel+airfare is already costing about what I was hoping to spend on the whole thing. Now I have a month to scramble to have money for food, cabs, clubs and attractions. I’ll have to do everything in moderation, which is the exact opposite of the reason for going to Vegas in the first place.

I’ll be traveling with a guy and a girl-all of us in our mid/late 30’s and we’re staying at the Flamingo on the Strip.
The plan is to hit the Olympic Garden on Friday night; club hopping Saturday night and checking out attractions all day Sunday, with plenty of gambling and swimming in between. And I’m hoping to catch a cheap comedy show, maybe at the Riviera. Maybe the Star Trek ride.

…But none of this is set in stone. What suggestions and/or secrets can you Vegas veterans and natives offer me for maximizing my money and having the wildest time possible?

I know you know.

play poker, get an iPod

hey everyone, i just wanted to pass on a link i saw on someone else's livejorunal - It's a link to a site where you get a free iPod for registering on the "world poker tour" website, "poker expert" website or other non-poker related sites.

check it out if you're interested, but please don't flame me if you're not. goodbye.
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My apologies

After a comment I received, I investigated and realized that this forun was not a strictly poker or gambling site, so my post regarding the new poker affiliate community I made was inappropriate. I removed the post myself. My apologies.

If anyone was curious as to what I wrote originally, you will have to go to my personal website to find the promotion.

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Concerts coming to Nevada

Las Vegas
01/20/05 Moments In Grace Game Works
01/22/05 Snoop Dogg House Of Blues
01/22/05 Letter Kills Jillian's
01/24/05 Chevelle Hard Rock Hotel - The Joint
01/25/05 The Distillers House Of Blues
01/29/05 Shine Tailspin Bar & Grill
01/21/05 Snoop Dogg Golden Phoenix
01/23/05 Into The Moat Club Infinity


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Shows coming to Nevada
12/3 Jurassic 5 -Las Vegas @ HOB
12/3 Bury Your Dead, Scars of Tomorrow-Henderson @ Roadhouse Casino
12/5 Denver Harbor, Unwritten Law-Las Vegas @ HOB
12/6 Finch - Las Vegas @ HOB
12/7 Jenoah, This Providence-Reno @ Club Infinity
12/7 Saosin, In Memory - Las Vegas @ Gameworks
12/7 Strung Out, Wilhelm Scream-Henderson @ Roadhouse Casino
Bored? Go see some shows.
CD Reviews - I Can Make A Mess - Listen - Review
Home Grown - Review - MP3s & Video for "Feliz Navidad"
HelloGoodbye - Listen - Review
Self Against City - Xmas Song

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Possible party in San Louie

So the idea has been tossed around about me hosting a St. Louis lj bash. Which I am MORE than happy to do! So let's see what kind of response we get and whether it's worth me getting into Hostess mode. (it's my favorite thing to do, I should of been a party planner)

Poll #359473 St Louis LJ Bash

Wanna have a bash in St. Louis? It's centrally located for those of you who are geographically challenged!

I will if I can bum a ride or scrounge up cash for a plane ticket
Depends on when it is

What is the best month for you to travel to St. Louis?

January 2005
Feburary 2005
March 2005
April 2005
May 2005
June 2005
July 2005
August 2005
September 2005
October 2004
November 2004
December 2004

Would you be flying or driving?

Fly me to the moon dah-ling
Hell I live here I'll be walking

If you're roadtripping would you be willing to carpool?

Sure, the more the merrier
No, I have a tiny car
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I need advice:(

See, I really wasn't that shy, I was just traumatized after being assaulted by the ice cream man...

very crazy dude.

Okay, I need some advice on what to do.  When I went to check out of the Luxor last night I got a bill for over $1,500.  I've heard stories about how hotels rip you off with phone charges, but like a dumbass I didn't think it was going to be that bad and used the phone in my room a few times.  I ended up with over $800 in phone charges! There were some calls where I was charged $11 for less than one minute! I got them to refund me for those calls.  I got a refund of $184 back on those.  I still have a phone bill of $650.  Some of it is dumb bs, like $14 for a minute or two.  I don't know how to handle this.  Do I call them and bitch at them some more and let them know that I am only willing to pay about a quarter of that (which if you saw the calls that I placed you would realize it is reasonable), or do I go to my credit card company and refuse the charges? I can't believe I did something so stupid like us the hotel phone.  I knew it would be a lot.  I just didn't realize it was going to be that much! Is there any legal way to get out of having to pay so much?
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I find it rather amusing that we're all online continuing the Vegas bash by posting pics and commenting like a bunch of rabid monkeys in each others journals

you guys are awesome!

And I would like to say thank you for accepting my friend Mr. hilts in this most difficult time of "coming out"
I don't know if any of you have "special" friends like him, but it's very important to surround him with your love and acceptance and help him find some cock to love.

P.S. I remember someone taking a pic of me flipping off their cam... thought it was ohmyhead apparently i remember incorrectly... anyone? anyone?
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Short Vegas post

Yeah I know I am late...

I have to say anytime I go Home to Vegas I am happy...coming home after being deployed for nearly 18 months made it better and getting to hang with all the LJ people made my homecoming the best. ohmyhead fiolore nbbmom chiabrit zorra psychomagnet behindtheview jenont robont horsepucky justj jenfromtx zorra Did I mention her twice? Yeah she was kinda hot! I could live in St Louie...Well let's see what I remember: Nice Convertable...ohmyhead always fun (we need to hang out more), Mom calling me 10x to make sure I would see her too, My brother bailing on me for a date (hope he got laid), lots of alcohol, lots of gambling, Intorducing Krispy Kream to the the Masses, old friends new friends, Vegas women are easy, Sharing my favorite Italian Resturant in others missed out!, more alcohol, lost cameras, lost self mojo, found mojo, Tour guiding, meeting someones adorable yet taken sister (Damnit!) Did I miss anything or anyone? Let me know I had a ball. It is so nice to be home and get to see some good friends...Love ya, mean it.